Betting successfully: This is what you need to know about sports betting

Betting successfully

Seeing your favorite team win and earning money at the same time – that is the dream of many people who place sports bets in a betting shop or on the Internet. Find out in our tips how to proceed in order to be successful.

1. Choose the right provider and betting option

The mixture of fun and the prospect of high profits makes sports betting very appealing. First decide on a suitable provider. Compared to the betting shop around the corner, you place your bets with Internet providers much more flexibly.

Register there free of charge and enter your personal data and bank details. As a new customer, you often receive a sign-up bonus. To type, you can conveniently use the provider’s website or its smartphone app. You can also bet conveniently while on the move. You can also choose between several payment options – such as PayPal or credit card. At the stationary betting shop, you can usually only pay for your stakes in cash.

Only an online bookmaker gives you the option to place bets live – meaning you bet during a game and not in advance. When betting, you decide on one of these bet variants:

  • single bet,
  • combination bet,
  • system bet

With a single bet, you bet on the outcome of a game. This betting variant is the most popular, which is why every provider has it in their portfolio. With an accumulator bet, you bet on the outcome of several games from different teams and link them. For example, Team A wins and Team B loses. Win, get a big payout. However, if even one guess is wrong, you lose. You have better chances with the system bet, which consists of several combination bets. Your advantage: Even if you are wrong with a few tips, you can still win.

2. Accumulate expert knowledge for the right tips

expert knowledge

For each game, bookmakers publish odds that indicate the probability of victory or defeat. It is crucial that you correctly predict the chance of success or failure and thus the risk of a bet. Only then will you be able to place promising sports bets.

Being informed is therefore the be-all and end-all when betting. Concentrated expert knowledge will help you to assess the situation before two teams meet – regardless of the sport. Most bookmakers provide their customers with statistics so that you can strategize about the outcome of the next game. Alternatively, you can find out more about form curves and the strengths and weaknesses of the teams on special sports sites on the Internet or in expert forums. Depending on your betting strategy, you bet on the favorite or the underdog.

If you bet on the likely winner, you have a good chance of winning. However, keep in mind that an underdog can also become a contender. This happens when key players are absent from the favorites or the team recently had a particularly important match that cost a lot of energy.

3. Be in control of money management in sports betting

money management

If you want to bet successfully in the long term, you have to manage your betting account sensibly. That includes fixing

  • how much money you want to spend on your planned bets,
  • how big the win limit should be,
  • how high the maximum loss limit may be.

You choose the amount of the stakes for your sports bets yourself – depending on your financial means. Many online betting shops offer you the service of setting individual limits per day, week or month. This means you can no longer bet as soon as you reach a certain profit or loss limit. This protects you from falling into a betting spiral that might lead to an addiction problem.

Be careful not to be tempted to bet more money after you have successfully tapped several times. Always keep an eye on the balance of your betting account. This is how you bet wisely and benefit from your winnings.

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