6 big mistakes in sports betting

mistakes in sports betting

There are many stumbling blocks in sports betting that can ruin your strategy and cost you money in the long run. With our sports betting tips, you can avoid common beginner mistakes.

You place your bet too early

The best time to place a bet is debatable. It all depends on the situation. Some betting providers lower the odds again shortly before the start of the game and sometimes a tip on the favorite only becomes really lucrative at half-time.

The fact is, however, that by placing your bet early, you are unnecessarily tying yourself to the outcome of a game. Once you have placed a bet, you can often no longer change or cancel it. If a top performer is injured during training, it is already too late. Good time management is crucial. So you should be patient and never place your bet more than a day or two in advance.

Bet on accumulator bets

Those who place combo bets greatly reduce the probability of making a profit. There is a great risk that even one tip given will not work out. Combination bets are therefore more of an additional thrill that betting providers offer their customers. It is very rarely possible to achieve regular profits with them in the long term. So don’t let yourself be tempted by the greed for high profits and prefer to stick with single bets.

You let emotions affect you

You let emotions affect you

When it comes to sports betting, it’s perfectly normal to have a little losing streak every now and then. In such cases, however, you should remain calm. Beginners in particular often want to compensate for their lost bet by increasing the next bet. In the long run, however, you will only incur higher losses. For beginners, fixed bets are usually suitable, which should not exceed one to two percent of your total betting budget.

Don’t be tempted to favor a club or athlete out of sympathy. You should be able to switch off emotions with regular bets. Here are some tips on how to deal with emotions properly.

Use Cash Out

With a cash-out, you can have your winnings paid out while the game is still running. Many punters use this feature when a game event (like an injury or red card) puts betting success in jeopardy.

Actually, the principle of having your winnings paid out early sounds good. Unfortunately, you will not get your full winnings paid out when you cash out. You have to pay for your lack of courage. So if you use the cash-out function permanently, you often unnecessarily reduce your profits. So only use it in absolutely exceptional cases.

Always rely on favourites

The odds of betting on the favorite are high. If you bet regularly on the leader, you will therefore win the vast majority of your bets. What sounds good at first glance also harbors problems. Because the betting odds for favorite bets are extremely low. So you will only make small profits and sometimes the outsider wins. In these cases, you lose your entire bet.

There is nothing to be said against it if you are convinced of the performance of a top team and therefore bet on their victory. However, you shouldn’t get too caught up in just betting on the favourites. Also, never forego a thorough analysis, no matter how clear the balance of power between two teams may appear.

Lose track of sports betting

With sports betting, you should not only keep an overview of the sporting events, but also of your winnings and losses. If you lose more money than you win in the long run, you should change your betting strategy or your analysis beforehand. However, if you don’t even notice your losses in the first place, you won’t analyze your mistakes either.

A household book helps you to keep track of your finances in everyday life. This can also be useful for sports betting. Write down your stakes, winnings and losses as well as the type and history of your bets. In this way, after a certain amount of time, you can find and eliminate one or the other error in your bets.

Find the right bookmaker

Find the right bookmaker

Sports betting providers are a dime a dozen. Most entice you with high odds and welcome bonuses. However, you should also make the selection of the betting provider dependent on other factors. First, ask yourself which features you value in a bookmaker and what type of bets you want to use. For some, good accessibility to customer service is important, or a user interface on the website that is as intuitive as possible. Others absolutely want to use a live streaming offer for their live betting.

The decision as to which betting provider you choose is therefore highly individual. There are tips for making decisions easier here. It often even makes sense to open accounts with several sports betting providers in order to take advantage of the respective advantages. You can also get several bonuses this way.

In general, however, you should pay attention to a certain seriousness of the provider and also to the betting odds that are important to you. The better the odds, the more you win with your correct tips. Incidentally, the big advantage of online betting providers compared to classic betting agencies is the quick comparison of odds. In addition, you can place sports bets 24/7 from different devices.

Sports betting: Bonus from bookmakers

Many bookmakers for sports betting give you as a customer a bonus as a gift. Some of the bookmakers lure new customers with 100 to 200 percent on the first deposit. However, these welcome bonuses are usually capped at 100 euros. You cannot withdraw the bonus directly either. It is linked to the condition that you place a minimum amount as a bet beforehand. A certain minimum quota is often specified for these.

Another form of bonus are so-called free bets, where you can even place a bet without making a deposit. In some cases, you can also use an amount once without the risk of a loss. Such a bonus may seem appealing. Nevertheless, you should not only make your betting provider selection dependent on this, but also include other criteria in your decision.

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