Slot machines tricks & tips

Slot machines tricks

Tricks in slot machines or play with strategy? Read slots tricks free and learn how to win. This is a challenge and not an easy task. Online slot machines are known to be completely random, so no skill gives you an advantage when it comes to these enticing casino games and cannot be manipulated.

The best online casinos have several hundred different slot machines, including various titles based on blockbuster titles. Since there are more slots than any other game, it is absolutely worth taking the time to develop your slots strategy.

Manipulation with slot machine tricks will not work.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro, a little more experienced, or a total novice when it comes to slots, these slots tips will show you how to win at slots.

For this reason, we strongly encourage you to bookmark this page and keep it handy whenever you want to learn more about slots tricks. There are approaches that will help you get the most out of the games.

1. The best slot machines trick – implement winning formula

While limits and bet sizes are subjective and related to your disposable income, here’s a place to start.

A formula to win at online slot machines.

  • Deposit of EUR 60 into your gaming account.
  • Divide the money into three parts and use only 1/3 of the total for your slots session.
  • With a lower limit of 20 (60/3), choose the games with the best return to player
  • Set a realistic limit based on your total balance. Then set the bet size accordingly.
  • In this case, a good slot strategy is to set the cap at 40 (double the total bankroll) and my max bet at €50.
  • Spin the reels and stop once you hit the 40 limit.
  • Doubling your bankroll at a bet of 0.50 is a very good result and you should be proud of your winnings when you achieve it.

If you want to continue playing, start the process again.

2. Test the games you play beforehand

Test the games

Instead of betting on slots you’ve never played before, try them out first.

Slots Trick: Play the free slots version for each of the titles you are interested in.

This way you can try out the slots tips you read, strategize and practice before playing for real money.

Never waste your time and money on slots you don’t like.

Find a new game quickly. You can play free demo versions of almost every slot game available at any online casino. Often these free demos are playable before you even set up an account. Or use a welcome bonus or free money from the casino to test the waters.

3. Attention jackpot hunters!

If you’re hoping to walk away with a really big win, progressive jackpot slots are your best option.

From time to time, a lucky few players walk away with life-changing sums of money, with many jackpots reaching the millions. Popular games include the Mega Moolah series, Hall of Gods, Loot’enkhamun and Bally Wulff Jackpot.

However, it’s important to remember that progressive jackpots aren’t necessarily the best way to go if you’re looking for smaller but more frequent wins.

When playing jackpot games, there is no harm in waiting until the jackpot exceeds a certain amount. However, winnings are not guaranteed. Knowing the average jackpot size doesn’t tell you anything about the break-even point. Waiting for a specific jackpot size does not increase your chances of winning the jackpot.

Waiting ensures that when you hit the jackpot, your average payout will be higher than if you started playing at the base level. So if you’re jackpot chasing, good luck, but be aware that there are pitfalls as well as big rewards.

Games with smaller jackpots tend to pay out more frequently. So, if you’re looking to win but aren’t out chasing the big bucks, games with smaller jackpots are ideal.

Pay attention to the volatility and RTP

You have to risk a lot to gain a lot.

However, if you want to win big with the highest possible odds, you need to skyrocket the volatility of your strategy.

Statistically (in the long run) you lose money with every bet you place. This is how the RTP works.

To lose less in the long run, you need to minimize the total of your bets. In order to minimize the total of your bets, you must try to lose your budget with as few bets as possible.

If you do this and RTP stays the same, the principles of statistics reward you with a better chance of winning big.

Check the payout percentages (RTP) on different slot machines.

You can find this information online as many websites are geared towards telling you the payout percentages of slots at different casinos. While casinos do not make this information available to the average player, some insiders gain access to this information and publish it online or in trade magazines and newsletters.

Percentages can range from 80% to 98%. A payout percentage refers to how much of the money spent on the machine is returned to customers. When a payout percentage is 90%, it means that the machine pays out 90% of what it takes in.

Slots Trick: Look for slots with RTP higher than 95%

Let’s explain… In low volatility games, the results over time tend to stay closer to the expected return, which is less than 100%. On the contrary, in high volatility games you still lose money in the long run, but thanks to the high volatility you have a chance to win a large sum of money.


All 3 payline bets cost 2 cents and 1 payline bets cost 1 cent. It is quite obvious that betting on 1 payline has a major disadvantage and its RTP will be extremely low. Therefore, it is always advantageous to choose the stake of 2 cents.

From another perspective, you can win the same amount of money while placing smaller bets. If you place smaller bets with higher volatility, you will lose less in the long run while still having the chance to win a large sum. Because of this, most slot tricks and strategies are based around increasing volatility, while also taking into account the game’s RTP.

While it may not be possible to use slots strategies to improve your odds of winning, your odds of winning can vary greatly depending on the games you play. If you want to increase your chances of a payout, your best bet is to play low volatility slots. Low volatility simply means that the slot pays out less significant amounts, but relatively frequently.

The opposite is true in high volatility slots, where some huge sums can be paid out, but far more rarely. That doesn’t mean, however, that hitting a big win while playing a low volatility slot is completely impossible.

Reduce the number of paylines to increase volatility

Did you know that if you bet the game on 1 payline instead of 10, you will most likely get 5 to 10 times more game volatility?

If you bet €2 on 1 payline, your average win will be much higher (and rarer) than if you bet €0.20 on 10 paylines. If you bet on 10 lines at the same time, the winnings in the paytable are 10 times smaller. In most slots, you will typically only hit a winning combination on a small number of the 10 lines, so your average wins will also be lower.

Note that this trick usually cannot be used by high rollers as the max bet per line is usually limited. But there are also slot machines that are exceptions – like Cleopatra from IGT. However, if you’re a player who doesn’t bet more than €2 in a single spin, this trick is a must.

Which slot machines give you the best chance of winning?

The games in the list below offer some of the best RTP and volatility combinations you can find in the industry.

If you are serious about winning money at slots and looking for tips on the best games, start with the ones listed below.

Reverse Martingale – reinvest in winning strategy

Reverse Mart

Reverse Martingale is a good betting strategy if your favorite slot machine doesn’t have a double-up feature.

Do you know the roulette betting strategy called Martingale? Reverse Martingale does the opposite. The martingale betting strategy suggests you to double your bet after every loss. The idea is that you have to win once and then win back all your previous bets. In reality, your bets grow exponentially and you are risking your entire available bankroll just to win the first bet. If you continue to use the martingale strategy, you will eventually go bankrupt.

The basic idea of ​​Reverse Martingale is to play around small initial bets and wager all winnings on the next round until you win big.

A Reverse Martingale Slots Strategy: Reinvest your winnings from previous spins.


You start with €100 and place an initial bet of €0.10. After 15 losing rounds you suddenly win €4.40. On the next spin you bet the amount closest to your winnings – in this case €4.40. If you lose, continue with the original bet. If you win again – in this case €35 – then continue with a spin of €35. If you lose then again bet €0.10 per spin. Repeat this until you win a satisfactory amount or lose your entire budget.

The Reverse Martingale strategy only works properly if the maximum bet is at least 100x-200x higher than the base bet.

That goes for the majority of casual gamers. Real high rollers who want high RTP and extreme winnings should look for another strategy.

Note that for budgets and base bets where this strategy actually works, the average number of rounds played is around 1300. That’s 1.3x more than rounds played with basic bets. This explains the above formula for the coefficient 1.3 in playing time.

Stick to your budget at the online casino

The most important point in managing your bankroll is this: you need to set clear upper and lower limits on the amount of money you intend to invest in your slots session.

The lower limit is your “loser goal,” the amount you can afford to lose.

The cap is your “profit target”. Once you win enough money on slots to reach your cap – stop.

If you learn to be realistic in setting these limits and stick to them, you are guaranteed to have a much better and positive experience when playing slots. And if experience tells me anything, it’s winning a lot more money at the slot machines.

But never bet money you can’t afford to lose and play games that fit your bankroll.

By setting a cap, identify an amount that you are comfortable with. By ending your session when you reach it, you ensure that all your winnings are not wasted on one too many bets. This is the only way you can keep what you win on the slot machines.

As a rule of thumb, your gaming account should cover 250 bets to give you a 90 percent chance of playing for three hours. When you enter a live casino or log into an online casino with €200, you cannot afford to play slots.

Should you still want to try them and find yourself losing $100 quickly, be prepared to either quit or play dime slots with the rest of the money.

Ultimately, however, slot machine odds are immutable and the same on every spin. The most creative systems may be fun, but they can’t make you a consistent winner.

Slots can be a lot of fun, but to keep it that way you need to know when to stop.

Give it some serious thought and set your slots goals. Decide how much time and money you are willing to play slots and stay responsible.

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